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2019 Board Elections
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The Polls Are Open!

We are excited to introduce candidates for three positions on the NYSOTA Executive Board: Secretary and two Trustees. You can learn more about each candidate by reading his or her personal statement and CV below. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Click here to cast your vote by May 30th. Successful candidates will take office on July 1, 2019 and serve for two years.


Candidates for Secretary

Margaret Frye, MA, OTR (Incumbent)
Please consider my application to run for the open NYSOTA Secretary position for the term 2019 - 2021.

I have been an OT clinician and educator in NYS for over 30 years. Having previously served on the NYSOTA Board, I am familiar with the important work this organization does on behalf of the OT practitioners and consumers in NYS. I would be honored to be given another opportunity to serve on the NYSOTA Board, as Secretary, to advocate for my OT colleagues, the recipients of our care, and the profession of occupational therapy.
For Margaret Frye's CV, click here.



Alisha Ohl, PhD, OT/L
Please accept my application for the secretary position on the NYSOTA Board. I think my understanding of university committee structure and governance as well as my ability to effectively write and communicate verbally, make me an ideal candidate for the role of secretary. In my first academic position, I was the secretary of the health sciences faculty assembly at SUNY Downstate Medical University for two years. I have also contributed to numerous other important committees as a member and advisor.

I currently live in upstate New York, affectionately referred to as North Country by locals, and teach at Clarkson University. I am able to skype into meetings monthly or more frequently as needed. I am also available to travel for in-person meetings quarterly.

Please see my attached curriculum vitae for more information about my qualifications and background. I think it is evident from my body of work that I have a strong work ethic and excellent time management skills. I am also a devoted mother of one, enjoy trail-running, and reading David Sedaris and other contemporary comedians.
For Alisha Ohl's CV, click here.


Gayle L. Schutrum, OTR/L
I would like to express my interest in running for the position of Secretary for the New York State Occupational Therapy Association and to share my qualifications for the office.

I have had the honor and privilege of being a practicing member of the occupational therapy profession since 1985. Over this time, I have had the opportunity to work in many different practice settings and have seen the important contribution occupational therapists make. We promote the health, ability, and well-being of individuals throughout the ages. Through our profession, we have the profound opportunity to have a lasting impact that changes lives.

I am qualified to fulfill secretarial functions, as I hold an associates degree in Secretarial Science from Niagara County Community College and have experience on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization, Citizens Coalition for Wildlife and the Environment, where I currently hold the Secretary position.

I believe in occupational therapy and all it has to offer - whether it is regaining function, preventing disease and injury, or developing skills and ability; and want to play a role in promoting and paying back to a profession that has done so much for so many.

Thank you so much for your consideration.
For Gayle Schutrum's CV, click here.


Kathleen Stoklosa, OTD, MPA, OT/L
I would be pleased to be considered for the position of Secretary of the Executive Board of the New York State Occupational Therapy Association. My passion for the occupational therapy (OT) profession, dedication to consumers and students of OT for the past 30 years, and continued advocacy of the distinct value of OT demonstrate my qualifications for this position.

Interestingly, I served in the role of secretary early in my career and was a very active member of NYSOTA's Rochester District in the "old days." I enjoyed the role then and suspect that one variation to today's duties would be the application of electronic and virtual communications, both of which I am competent in and perform daily in my role as OT educator and clinician.

I have been active in NYSOTA by staying abreast of state activities and participating in legislative updates, podcasts, and webinars. I have had positive experiences as both Conference Chair and Program Chair for the Conference Committee in the past. More recently, I have presented in the State Conference Poster Sessions for several years and was a presenter in Syracuse in 2016.

My passion for OT is demonstrated by my support and dedication of occupational therapy assistants (OTAs). I serve on the Advisory Board of Bryant & Stratton OTA program in Rochester, and have designed several collaborative projects that involve OT graduate students and OTA students to develop partnerships early in OT practitioner careers.

As a clinical professor at Nazareth College, I am entrenched in the education of future OT professionals, work closely with community practitioners, and actively network within the Rochester and western NY region.

My eagerness to return to serving as an Executive Board member stems from my deep passion for our profession, and perceiving that now is a good time in my career to give back, re-energize, and expand the membership.
For Kathleen Stoklosa's CV, click here. 


Candidates for Trustee

Cristina Dumitrescu, MS, OTR/L, (Incumbent)
My name is Cristina Dumitrescu and I have been an occupational therapy practitioner for more than 20 years. Living in New York and participating almost at every single Lobby Day and NYSOTA's conferences, bringing students and Mercy OTA Program Alumni, I've seen the growth of our professions and legislative achievements that no one could have dreamed of. I do take pride on advocating for our profession continuing to educate the senators, and assembly members of what an occupational therapist really is or does.

Currently, I do serve as a Trustee with NYSOTA Executive Board. I have been active participating to many events and all meetings. Networking with clinicians, educators and legislators, making a difference on how students understand the power of advocacy, organizing NYSOTA Mixers and workshops are few of the things that I put in place and I am very excited to continue the work I have started.

These experiences taught me few things about leadership and the profession I love. Building relationships and continuing to grow professionally is required for leadership. I have participated in the AOTA Leadership Development Program for Middle Managers at AOTA headquarters in Bethesda, MD. September 13-14, 2011 training. It was a great experience and it provided me with the drive and opportunities to serve, lead and mentor.

I graduated with my masters in occupational therapy in 2008 from Touro College while continuing to work and taking care of my growing family. My educational journey led me into completing my specialty level II fieldwork with NYSOTA. In those 12 weeks, I've traveled to Albany few times a week. One part of my assignment was to organize the archives and the artifacts stored in the basement of the office building. That was an extraordinary experience that took me through all the years of our founding members. I was mesmerized by the original letters, board meetings writing styles and pictures. To pay it forward, I created a PPT and digital story presentation that I provided the association with and continue to teach my students about it.

As I have been interested in serving and advocating for our profession, I believe I can be a great asset to the association in promoting and supporting its growth. We live in a diverse society in which the only constant is change. Advocating through leadership and evidence is a very dynamic and complex process.
For Cristina Dumitrescu's CV, click here.


Jill M. Holland, MS, OTR/L, RYT, RCYT
I am submitting my name for consideration to run for a NYSOTA Trustee position. I have been an OT practitioner for 20 years. I obtained my Associates Degree from SUNY Orange in 1999. And in 2013 I received my Masters in Occupational Therapy from Utica College. I have worked as an OT practitioner at Sullivan County Board of Cooperative Educational Services for the past 15+ years. I am an occupational therapy consultant for ChildLight Yoga and Yoga 4 Classrooms. I am also currently an adjunct professor at Utica College's OT Master's Program.

I feel that I am qualified for the position of the trustee for the following reasons:

  • I have a passion for the profession. I was the 2018 recipient of SUNY Orange's Orange Brick Road Achievement Award for dedication and outstanding contributions to the OT profession, the community, and the SUNY Orange OTA Program
  • As an adjunct lecturer I have the opportunity to share with future practitioners the importance of not just our national association, but the importance of our state association as well
  • I have worked both as a COTA and an OTR and I am aware of the value and needs of both
  • I have been a long time member of NYSOTA. I believe in the importance of an active and productive state organization in order to promote the occupational therapy profession, as well as to promote and advance education, training, and research within the profession
  • As a community wellness advocate and consultant I have the opportunity to share the role of occupational therapy in non-traditional settings

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the board for NYSOTA.
For Jill Holland's CV, click here.


Clover Hutchinson, OTD, MA, OTR/L (Incumbent)
I am submitting my name for re-election to continue my work as a member of the Board of Trustees. The past term has exposed me to the challenges and the need for the continued work by NYSOTA to improve, advance and protect the profession and practice of occupational therapy both locally and nationally. Additionally, I wish to maintain the support and relationship of NYSOTA and NYSBOTC. As president of NYSBOTC, I fully understand the importance of also being a member of NYSOTA. While NYSBOTC focuses on issues germane to the black student and practitioner, our efforts cannot be sustained without your collaboration and support.

Thank you for your consideration.
For Clover Hutchinson's CV, click here.


Yves Roseus, OTD, OTR/L
I am submitting my name for consideration to become a member of the Board of Trustees. I am interested in this opportunity as I believe in the mission and goals of NYSOTA.

My name is Yves Roseus and I have been an OT for close to 20 years. I obtained my BS in OT from York College in 1999, and my OTD from Rocky Mountain University in 2010. I am a certified Ergonomist Assessment Specialist. I have been working at Brookdale Hospital & Medical Center since 1999. I am the union delegate for the Rehabilitation department for 14 years and the co-chair of Labor-Management on Health and Safety for the entire Hospital and two adjacent Nursing Homes and seven community clinics. As such, I establish an annual Health and Safety Day awareness which is become a major annual event in the Medical Center. My employment at Brookdale affords me great opportunties to grow as a well-rounded clinician and a leader among my peers. I work in acute care, ICU, NICU, Adult Day, Pre-School and EI settings. For the past 10 years I have been the senior Therapist in the Outpatient working with Hand and Musculoskeletal patients. My involvement in the Union (1199 SEIU) gives me the opportunity to work collaboratively with upper management and more significantly to be an activist, standing and fighting for social change and advocating for funding and better healthcare services for the community. I worked as an adjunct professor at Long Island University (LIU), Down State University, Hofstra University and currently at York College (CUNY).

As I reflect on my professional achievements as an OT, I can describe this journey as one of constant engagement, development and service. Through my membership, I support professional organizations such as the AOTA, NYSOTA, NBOTC (National Black Occupational Therapy Caucus). I help advance the profession through my involved service as a member of Roster of Accreditation Evaluators (RAE) of ACOTE. In addition, I serve as a trustee member for the Haiti Rehab Foundation, the US foundation arm of the Faculte Des Sciences de Rehabilitation de Leogane (FSRL). FSRL is a school of OT/PT in Leogane Haiti providing Haitian in Haiti a 4 years degree in OT/PT.

I truly believe I can be an asset to the NYSOTA in helping to reach their goals and facilitating the advancement of the profession of occupational therapy. Therefore, I will be honored to be among a group of dedicated selfless professionals giving my time and skills for advancing the profession.
For Yves Roseus's CV, click here.


Sue Seiler, OTD, OTR/L
After a long absence from active involvement on the NYSOTA board, I am eager to once again serve the larger OT community through participation as a NYSOTA Board member. My service to NYSOTA included Westchester District chair (when we had districts), President-Elect, and two terms as President of NYSOTA (from 1999-2003). I stepped away following my second term as president to allow others with new ideas to lead the organization. At this moment, I am asking for your vote to once again serve on the NYSOTA board to which I bring valuable experience and personal dedication.

During my tenure as President of NYSOTA, I count many accomplishments attained or begun in collaboration with others serving on the NYSOTA Board. Under my leadership the organization advanced from financial red ink to black ink and we achieved control over the associations finances; we hired our first professional management company (completed through an RFP process), started working toward continued competency (essential for the growth and acceptance of the OT profession), and started the process for opening our practice act to include licensure for OTAs.

Throughout my OT career, I have stayed current as a professional, pursuing clinical competence, assuming professional leadership roles, advocating for OT, lobbying legislators, and embracing entrepreneurship. My current role as an OT educator, at the developing OT Program at Pace University, is new and exciting to me.

My clinical interests have always been in pediatrics and how advances in neuroscience research can be used to inform occupational therapy treatment. Through the years I have pursued advanced clinical certifications (SI, NDT, Infant Massage Instructor), participated as an OT volunteer, as a normative data collector for the SIPT, and via presentations and mentoring have shared my knowledge with others.

My dual focus as the former owner/director of KidAbilities, a private clinic practice, consisted of using sold and ethical business practices while providing successful outcomes for clients and their families. KidAbilities employed 25+ full and part time employees and provided services to approximately 350 families per week, until it was sold in July 2018. KidAbilities was an example of an OT business entity providing a needed service without compromising values.

My scholarly pursuits culminated in attaining my OTD and establishing an academic career as an assistant professor at Pace University. This position provides a chance to help build a new OT program, starting at the beginning with others, in a collaborative and collegial environment. In my experience, contributing to the growth and development of a professional entity creates an excitement and satisfaction for participants. This attitude benefits the workings of a board of directors and ensures its accomplishments.

I welcome the opportunity to work with other OTs around New York State for the progress of the professions and the benefit of NYSOTA members. I understand the many forces impacting upon OT practitioners. Reimbursement, considerations, productivity demands, serving various practice areas (both new and disappearing), regulatory pressures, and personal career advancement in the OT profession, are just some of the concerns I know weigh on OT practitioners. I also appreciate the burdens and constraints of business entities, professional organizations seeking a place at the table with payers, and the difficulty involved in making the ends meet.

Completing my OTD, a transformative process, re-ignited my passion for the profession of OT. The desire to utilize all of my experience in the service of the profession once again, found its way back to NYSOTA. I ask for your vote to serve as a member of the NYSOTA Board of Directors where I promise to work enthusiastically with others for the benefit of NYSOTA members and the profession of OT. Thank you for your consideration.
For Sue Seiler's CV, click here. 

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